Harsh Times-An Indian Superstition ( An Odd Trio)

In response to:-http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/an-odd-trio/


I took a deep breath and pulled my wet hair back. The glass had begun to get fogged up. With worries in my head, I lifted it up and saw the drops of water falling upon me, trickling down my face like teardrops and cleansing up my body .It had been a year since I had graduated from my college with a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering. Everyone in this country hopes of a good job, a bigshot salary and a better life when they think of taking up engineering. Little does one know about the competition for jobs that gets tougher with every passing day. I had dreamed to land myself in a job at least by the end of graduation. This dream remained a dream as I watched each day slipping out of my hands like the leaves of autumn, each day where one by one my hopes had fallen and each day that had pushed me an inch closer to the edge. I grabbed my beach towel and stepped out of the shower.

This was the last interview of this year that I was going to attend and probably the last interview of my career. If things don’t go my way, this could probably be the end of my career and I would have to start for looking something else to do.” Maybe the Dominos would hire me as a delivery guy for their pizzas .I wouldn’t be unemployed after all “ I thought to myself. A smug smile appeared on my face.I had given up all hopes by now.

I searched the kitchen for something to eat. A hungry man wouldn’t suit good for an interview. There was only a packet of instant soup left. I tore it and poured its contents on a bowl. The warm water was what was left to be added. Mum always believed that I would make it big in life, that I would achieve well no matter how many dark clouds covered our lives. She would always tell me that one day I would become a successful engineer and bring honor to our family. My mother is fighting cancer now and I was in a great deal of debt for her medical treatments. Luckily we had detected her cancer in a very early stage and now her chemo sessions had left her in remission .I called her up as I sipped on a spoon of the soup. “I am proud of u son. I know you will make it this time”.”Yes mom”, I said as I wiped of a teardrop on my cheek. I shouldn’t spoil my appearance.

I was all dressed up with a white shirt, a blue tie and a black trouser. I locked up the rented apartment I lived on and was on my way to the stairs when I saw a cat,a black cat cross my path. It is an old Indian superstition that if a black cat crosses your path,it would bring bad luck to you unless you stop and let someone else pass before you to save yourself the wrath. I closed my eyes for a second and all of my childhood flashed in front of my eyes.The gentle kisses of my mother, her lullabies, the first day of school, my father holding my hands, the first picture of my parents with me in their arms, my fathers words “ Never depend upon Destiny or Fate. A true man makes his own destiny .I opened my eyes and looked down at my feet. I had stopped…..


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