The Story of Mahakal (Part 2)


This post is in continuation to the post The Story of Mahakal (the messenger of Death) –

         The woman now laughed hysterically at the two dead bodies lying at her feet. Chandragupta,now saw her changing her form yet again. This time the creature took the
form of a gigantic king cobra.The serpent now started moving towards a creek.
   The king again started following it. The serpent would hiss violently and at times would stop and turn its head around to see if it was being followed. Chandragupta,.however eluded himself each time..
Now was the turn for the second act.As he watched closely, the snake snugly entered a paddy field. The king saw that a group of women were working on that field. The serpent slid unnoticed to the center of the field where a particular woman in her forties was working. Two swift bites with its deadly fangs and the woman fell down in that muddy land..
     The entire field came panicked. Every single one present in the field ran for their lives. None noticed that the woman who had got bit was still alive and was writhing in pain..
     When everyone was gone, the snake curled itself around the woman’s neck ,choking her to death, looking viciously deep into her eyes while doing so..
     It registered in the king’s brain as though it sucks the life out of its victim’s eyes.” Who is this supernatural assasin?” ,Chandragupta thought to himself.

The snake then coiled itself and began growing in size.From a few feets the snake had almost attained a height of 7 feet. Hiding very subtly, the king saw limbs growing out of that creature. For once, it roared in an extreme monstrosity that made even a king like himself shudder. The creatures eyes became wider and within a few minutes it attained the form of a huge bear.
     The bear now ran wildly towards the jungle again. The king pulled out his sword and ran after it so that he would not lose the sight of the bear.
        The bear ran a distance of two yards and then slowed down infront of a tree. Chandragupta noticed that upon the tree, a man sat hacking its branches.
The sight of the bear made the man startle with fear.

The bear roared violently and started shaking the tree with all its strength. In no time, the man fell down and broke his leg. He was now at the mercy of the bear. Little did he know that the bear had come with the sole purpose to kill him.
        It caught the man with its paws and buried its steel jaws into his neck, killing him instantly.

         The bear now calmed down and started walking towards a river. Chandragupta followed it yet again.

Upon reaching the river, it took a plunge in the water and for a long time didnt come out. Chandragupta became curious at this point. He suspiciously walked to the river bank.
     Much to his horror, he saw a light beam coming  from river bottom. The light source grew bigger, more luminescent. It was so bright that Chandragupta had to step away from the bank.
        As he opened his eyes again, the king saw the same hermit standing infront of him.
“What are you, my lord?”, the king asked as though he was under hypnosis..
“I have been following you since earlier this day. You changed your form so many times and killed those people…those people.. Why did you kill them? What kind of a monster are you?”

“I am only a you are” the voice echoed, as though it was the voice of God itself

“You are a servant of people O king. While I am the servant of God Himself. I am Mahakal, the messenger of Death”

“Why do you change your form for killing different people” the king spoke under hypnosis..

“I kill people the way they are meant to die. Everyone has a different death in their destiny. I kill people the way they are destined to be”

“When will my death come,O lord?”

“O mighty Chandragupta, you shall not die so soon. You have a long way and a long history to live upto”

,,The next thing that Kind Chandragupta remembered was waking up in his royal bed. His courtiers informed him that he had been out of consciousness for three days


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