A day before storm

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    Its a big day ahead of you and your body shakes terribly in anticipation. You are probably prepared for the situation yet your mind knows no rest. You tend to get nervous, look at yourselves in thw mirror, eyes burning, your lungs almost choked to death, a seizure is not so far away. What do you do to deal with these demons?

           To answer this question for myself, there are a series of events I go through before my “big days”. Over the years, they have become a ritual to me, prior to any such act which will be significant to my life.

           At first, I check, recheck, check the task in hand for the third time, looking for errors and imperfections..

              To calm my nerves down, I just close it, keep it locked safely and most importantly AWAY from me. I, then switch on my laptop, turn on my headphones, click on the folder named “music”, click on the subfolder “Eminem” and then turn  the volume up and THERE it is…my first Major stressbuster.

         Eminem is like an idol to me man. He is just..the thing. The things which survivors are made up of, things which winners are made up of, things that quitters can never understand. The fact that he is considered the best rapper in the world, a master in an art form which is considered the art form of mostly Afro-American people is an answer in itself that ANYBODY can rise beyond all hatred, Anybody can achieve their dreams if they set their minds to it. Eminem’s life has been a constant struggle against poverty,racism, drug abuse and depression yet he has been there, standing up against all odd and this is what inspires me the most. If this man can do and achieve so much after what he’s been through then why can’t I?

       The second part of my ritual is that I make sure that I have slept adequately the night before the “big day” , you know,.the calm before the storm is necessary. One’s inventory must be fresh and loaded before the war.
          And the final step to my ritual is a call to my girl. Yes she has and always shall be my biggest motivation and moral support. Then follows a call from my parents and my grandpa. Trust me,they always know the right stuff to stay to calm down my nerves

        And then five minutes prior to my act I take out my wallet and stare at a picture of my mom and dad smiling and then remind myself the extents I would go to, to maintain this smile on their faces.

  These usually do the trick for me 🙂


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