Last train to home



   I am standing on a railway station, waiting for the last train to my home. It has been a long tiring day and now its dusk. Home is all that is in my mind right now.
          An announcement at the platform. Train is running an hour late. My legs are getring weary, mind restless already, I decide to sit down somewhere.
            A glance at the platform and I see a lot of faces.Faces of different kinds. Faces having their own stories to tell.
       A child wearing nothing but rags for clothes comes infront of me, sweeps the floor, begs people for money. His face, I notice, is one that tells a story of extreme hunger. His cheeks weathered, his hair turning brown,teeth broken.. None notice. I reach for a penny in my pocket and hand it over to him. He moves on..
          Another glance at the platform and now I see the faces of a newly wed couple. The wife fair and pretty,holding hands of her husband, resting her head on his shoulders, and trying to sleep. The husband bends his head and whispers something into her ears. She wakes up startled,looks at him wide eyed. The husband smiles naughtily and she gives him a nudge and again sleeps on his shoulder.
I smile and turn my glance in other direction…

      The sight of an elderly couple catches my attention. They are seated in silence,perhaps waiting for their child to come. I feel a fleeting sensation thinking I would also be meeting my parents after a lomg time. I wonder if they too are waiting for me in anticipation.
         Now, I see a lot of people swarming tne platform all of a sudden. There is an announcement that the train is about of to reach the platform in no time.
          I get up,lift my bags and luggage and reach for a spot to board my train. The train is now approaching and my heart beats faster…I am coming back home.



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