Smelly Cat,Smellllly Cat

“Smelly Cat,smelly cat what are they feeding you?..Smelly cat,smelly cat its not your fault.”

Its been 12 years since Friends’ last episode came out and yet this song gives me the chills.

How many of us have wanted a group of friends just like Ross,Rachel,Phoebe,Chandler,Monica and Joey? All of us.We all have envied their friendship at one point or the another wishing how good it would be, if we could all have a group of people who would stick with us through thick and thin. How wonderful it would be to live such a life as them (the show)

However, life does offer us such opportunities. We do come across people who can be our potential friends/lovers/soulmate but more often than not we end up screwing our chances of such a friendship for the most trivial reasons.


I admit being the culprit of such misfortunes. Perhaps,I started of with wrong foot with most of them. Perhaps, if I hadn’t said what I had said. If only I could take back what hurt I slung at them. If only things could be undone, what have been done. I know, things had been horrible with us and I’ve distanced you from myself but I wish it could have been different. I wish we hadn’t ended up as smelly cats to each, where we aren’t each others favorite anymore.

Hope-is what keeps me going when I look back at old pictures of us. Hope-that one day I shall meet you again, hold your gaze,smile at you and I would have known that we had made it happen..once again.istock_000007951394medium




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